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As we begin to welcome longer days and warmer weather, it's time to reimagine your outdoor space with a blend of DIY projects and smart technology. By integrating automated outdoor products and systems, you can enhance your garden and yard while conserving energy and resources.

1. Establish a Solid Foundation: Start by setting up a personal weather station. This provides real-time weather data specific to your location, which is essential for planning outdoor activities, adjusting watering schedules, optimizing outdoor lighting, and managing energy use. Integrating this data with other smart devices ensures seamless coordination and automation, laying the groundwork for a well-rounded outdoor space.

2. Projects to Make Your Home Fun:

  • Create a DIY smart outdoor entertainment space with simple additions like outdoor chairs, yard games, and solar-powered lighting.
  • Install a Bird Buddy birdfeeder and watching system to support local wildlife and learn about native bird species in your area.

3. Functionality, Maintenance, and Resource Saving Ideas:

  • Automate tasks like irrigation and lighting to minimize workload and conserve resources.
  • Install an automatic watering system like the Rachio smart sprinkler for precise water delivery to your lawn and garden.
  • Try a robotic lawn mower for efficient lawn maintenance without harmful emissions.
  • Implement DIY rainwater harvesting to collect water for garden irrigation and reduce reliance on municipal sources.
  • Enhance security with automatic floodlights or solar-powered security lighting, conserving energy while increasing safety.

By embracing smart technology in your outdoor endeavors, you can create a seamlessly connected and eco-friendly outdoor environment that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. So, as you embark on your outdoor DIY journey, consider integrating smart technology to elevate your outdoor experience to new heights.

Ready to transform your outdoor space with the perfect blend of DIY projects and smart technology? Dive into our full article to discover how to elevate your outdoor experience and create a seamlessly connected and eco-friendly environment.  CHECK OUT THE FULL GUIDE >>>


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After a series of heavy precipitation events, California has emerged as a mudslide hotspot. The correlation between intense rainfall and landslides remains a significant concern, exacerbated by climate change and having been studied in the Los Angeles area since 1975. Engineers and homeowners face the challenge of stabilizing hillsides and protecting communities, highlighting the need for comprehensive solutions. 

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In the past two months, two Moon landers safely navigated the daunting descent to the lunar terrain. However, neither managed to execute a flawless landing, with both experiencing toppling over upon touchdown. Scientists struggle to explain why. 

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Periodical cicadas are found throughout the eastern portion of North America and are a small group of broods unique to annual cicadas, which emerge every year. Different broods of periodical cicadas emerge every year., but this year will be unique as two large periodical groups will emerge within the same year starting around mid-April, covering parts of up to 17 states and the highest emergence activity lasting through June. 

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Raised garden beds offer many perks to an outdoor space and are a great way to start gardening. They offer great drainage and higher control over the soil quality, leading to happier, healthier plants. Plus, they're great for keeping weeds at bay and make gardening easier on your back. And here's a bonus: raised beds warm up faster in the spring, so you can start planting earlier and enjoy a longer growing season. Check out some different types of garden beds as inspiration for your own! 

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