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The Official Tempest 2022 Gift Guide


The holidays are here again! Decorations fill the stores as travel plans, gift lists, and shopping lists are made. Thinking of adding a Tempest product to your shopping list this year? We’ve curated a list of perfect accompaniments to our meters, the revolutionary Tempest Weather System, our Weather Science Kit, and more to help the people on your list get the most out of their Tempest products and solidify your status as the best gift giver this year. 


Tempests Ultimate Gift Guide


Who it's for: the techie, weather geek, outdoor enthusiast, smart home aficionado

The Tempest Weather System is a smart weather system unlike any other. The Tempest design features no moving parts, wireless operation, simple and quick installation, and endless possibilities for your smart home integrations with the most advanced weather data right at your fingertips. Get instant notifications when the weather changes with lightning alerts, rain notifications, and more. The best gifts to complement your Tempest are:

We all know someone obsessed with having the perfect lawn, conserving water, or automating everything! Impress them with the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. Using the native integration between Tempest and Rachio, watering lawns and gardens just got easier, smarter, and more cost-effective. Tempest is simple to set up and pair with a Rachio device, making this gift grandpa-proof and perfect for any homeowner. Get the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller from the Tempest shop. 

Rachio (3)WeatherFlow


Create visual weather updates with Phillips Hue lighting, or let the weather control the mood of the party when you pair the Phillips Hue smart bulbs with Tempest. This duo makes a great gift for Dad, or gift Dad the Tempest and wow your kids with weather-controlled lights (or keep them for yourself, you deserve color-changing lights too). 


Phillips Lighting | Photo from WeatherFlow


A Retro Indoor Display
Tidbyt is a vibrant retro display screen with a sleek walnut enclosure that can display nearly anything, including Tempest data. The Tidbyt app is straightforward and simple to use, with pre-built applets even users without coding experience can master. Showcase your home’s weather data (or whatever you'd like!) in a simple yet fun display.


For more gift-worthy ideas that pair well with a Tempest Weather System, check out some of our other favorite integrations.


Who it's for: families, educators

A new addition to the Tempest family, the Weather Science Kit is ideal for young families and children, educators or education centers, or even new weather geeks looking to expand their introductory knowledge of the weather world. Gifts related to STEM education make great gifts for curious young minds and turn any home with a Tempest into a classroom. With a Weather Science Kit, we’d recommend…
A Small But Mighty Microscope 

If you’ve got a growing kid that’s interested in weather, science, or anything outdoors, chances are they love checking out small things they find outside (whether we love it or not). Give them a chance to flex their science skills and examine things a little closer with a microscope. This one is battery-powered, portable, and a great introductory tool for kids interested in science.
Kids microscopeHome Science Tools
Rock and Mineral Sample Box 

While not weather-related, if your child is interested in the weather and the world around them, it’s a good bet they’ll love checking out the different rocks and minerals included in this sample box.
Boxed rock and mineral sample setHome Science Tools

You get wind data from your Tempest every day, but what can that energy do? The Thames and Kosmos Wind Power kit includes all the parts needed to explore wind power, build a 3-foot tall wind turbine, and more.
Wind power science kitHome Science Tools
Shop more STEM activity gifts for kids.
Who it's for: hunters, sailors, boaters, farmers, hikers, bikers, birdwatchers 
The Weatherflow WEATHERmeter is a highly accurate handheld device used with your smartphone to measure wind, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Great for the outdoorsman on the go, the WEATHERmeter measures temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure & dew point, heat index, wind chill, and more to give you the clearest picture of what’s going on with the weather around you.

The device connects wirelessly up to 100 feet away. Record weather data in a variety of compatible apps, including the free Wind & Weather Meter app and share reports instantly via email, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, and more. With a WEATHERmeter, we’d recommend…
Part of being a prepared outdoorsman, besides being aware of the changing weather, is staying hydrated while outside. Whether you’re out on the lake, at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or camping in the backcountry, having a durable, insulated bottle is a must.
YETI 26 oz RamblerYeti
A Convenient and Comfortable Backpack

Being able to keep valuables and other necessities close by is important to anyone spending time outdoors. A durable backpack that has multiple compartments for safe storage is a great option for hikers, campers, boaters, canoers, kayakers, and even outdoor sports athletes.
REI backpackREI


Who it’s for: Competitive shooters, hunters

Our WEATHERmeter for precision shooting allows shooters to capture a complete on-site atmospheric profile, including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, and density altitude. It integrates seamlessly with ballistics calculation apps like BallisticsARC and Shooter (Ballistic Calculator) to provide long-range shooters with a complete atmospheric profile. Bluetooth Smart (BLE) technology allows this weather meter to pair instantly to your mobile device for quick in-field sampling. With a WEATHERmeter for Precision Shooting, we’d recommend…


Perfect for warm layering on chilly mornings, the Scentblocker Men’s Underguard Base Top locks in body heat to keep you comfortable. This long-sleeved top boasts Cold Fusion Catalyst™ technology, using carbon and natural wool fibers to regulate temperature and absorb odors.

Camo hunting baselayer

Dicks Sporting Goods


Durable Binoculars

Every hunter could use a reliable pair of binoculars to spot their game from the furthest point possible. This top-rated pair from Bushnell are waterproof and resistant to dust, oil, and scratches. Their fully multi-coated lenses provide outstanding brightness and color, giving you the best viewing experience possible, and come protected by built-in lens caps.

Bushnell brand binoculars



Who it’s for: Farmers, farm managers, barn managers, livestock farmers

Use the WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter and your smartphone to capture accurate location-specific weather conditions and report the data instantly to the decision makers of any farming, agricultural, or outdoor operation. Ensure weather conditions comply with critical regulations before spraying, make important decisions about livestock, crops, and the other crucial assets to farming and outdoor businesses. With a WEATHERmeter for Agriculture, we’d recommend…

Farm Boots

While knowing the weather when working on a farm can be helpful, any true farmer will know that the day-to-day work that needs to be done on the farm stops for no weather. Keep your farm or barn manager feeling warm and dry this winter season with a pair of waterproof chore boots that are built to last. 

Muck boot

Muck Boot Company


Heated Vest or Jacket

Bring your farm or ranch manager into the 21st century of winter wear with a heated vest or jacket for those bitter mornings and early sunsets at the farm. Designed to be worn as outerwear or layered beneath a coat, this heated vest is moisture resistant, breathable, and thermal insulated for maximum warmth and freedom of movement

Ororo heated vest showing where heaters warm up



Personalized Farm Sign

Not all gifts for farmers have to be practical; sometimes, they like pretty things, too! A personalized farm sign displaying the farm or barn name of your giftee’s business shows you’re proud of their endeavors and can become a timeless piece passed down between generations. 

Custom Farm Sign



Who it’s for: Boaters & sailors, wind- and kitesurfers, kiters, birdwatchers, outdoor sport enthusiasts 

The WeatherFlow WINDmeter is a highly accurate handheld device used with your smartphone to measure wind. The device connects wirelessly up to 100 feet away, allowing you to get the best wind data no matter where you are. Record weather data in a variety of compatible apps, including the free Wind & Weather Meter app, and share reports instantly via email, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, and more. To gift with a WINDmeter, we’d recommend…

High-Quality Windbreaker

If a WINDmeter is the perfect gift for a special someone on your list, chances are they have a hobby or sport that keeps them in semi-windy conditions on the regular. A high-quality windbreaker is a great way to round out the perfect gift set for your wind enthusiast.  

Northface windbreaker

Dicks Sporting Goods


Who it's for: Tempest owners, old and new 

If a Tempest Weather System is already on your gift list this year, sweeten the deal by ensuring your gift recipient will have all the necessary accessories to get started.

The Hub Power Bank
The Hub power bank is ideal for Tempest owners living in areas prone to power outages or severe weather. It fully charges in 1-2 hours and is capable of powering the Hub for approximately 7 days during an outage. The Hub will continue receiving data from the outdoor Tempest devices and can store about 7 days of data. Once an internet connection is restored, the Hub will backfill stored data.
Tempest Universal Mounting Kit
Help your new Tempest owner get the perfect setup right out of the box with the universal mounting kit. An excellent option for installing the Tempest device on a variety of structures and vertical surfaces, this kit makes a great pairing with our complete weather system. We also want to note here that every Tempest purchased automatically includes our standard flat base & pole mount attachments.


Who it’s for: Weather watchers, outdoor enthusiasts

Still not sure what to pair with your WeatherFlow product to create the perfect weather lover’s gift? You can never go wrong with some apparel from the WeatherFlow shop! Our T-shirts and limited edition hoodies are made from comfortable, breathable fabrics that will keep your gift recipient feeling good and looking great!

WeatherFlow Apparel

We hope this guide sparks some inspiration in your epic search for the best holiday gifts this year. To check out everything Tempest has to offer, visit our store!


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