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Our Top 10 Favorite Tempest Integrations

Have your Tempest at home and love the detailed weather insights, but wondering how you can get more from your data? The Tempest Weather System integrates with many popular third-party apps & products, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Rachio, SailFlow, iKitesurf, iWindsurf, FishWeather, WindAlert, and hundreds more through IFTTT.

Tempest station against green mountain backdrop.

Use and create powerful displays, customize your weather notifications, and even create fun and modern spaces that respond to the actual weather outside your home. Tempest integrations can even save you time, money, and energy while helping you maintain your home and yard. Check out some of our favorite integrations below, and learn more about setting up integrations with your Tempest over on the Tempest site. 


Rachio: The Tempest System is compatible with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller through a native integration within the Rachio app. Sync your yard care with the natural weather patterns around your home to get the most out of your yard maintenance systems and keep your yard and garden looking happy and healthy all season. 

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Sprinkler in the grass next to curb spraying water.

Nest: Control your home's heating and cooling via IFTTT integrations with Nest heating and air. By tuning your thermostat to the real weather happening outside your home, you can minimize the time you’re running your Nest heating and cooling system and maximize your home energy savings in the process. 

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Circular thermostat mounted on wall displaying temperature.

Hunter Douglas Blinds: Let the intensity of the sun determine whether the blinds in your home are open or closed automatically with the help of the IFTTT integration with Hunter Douglas blinds. Keeping your blinds closed when the sun is intense can help keep your home cool and minimize the need for running air conditioning units or fans. 

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Windows with blinds in a bedroom.


Tidbyt: This retro screen with a sleek walnut enclosure can display nearly anything, including Tempest data. The Tidbyt app is straightforward and simple to use, with pre-built applets even users without coding experience can master. Showcase your home’s weather data in a simple yet fun display.

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Tidbyt display showing weather data on desk.

SmartMixin: Since childhood weather geek Vincent Toupet has been captivated by collecting weather data. Fast forward to adulthood and Vincent is still obsessed with weather data, but collects his measurements with a more sophisticated personal weather station, enjoying the perks of being able to view his weather data even while out on the go. Vincent became frustrated with the lack of data analytics in the user interface of most stations and decided to find a solution. He created an application that would allow him to manipulate his weather data to create reports, compare weather with the previous day or year, and more. Thus, his app SmartMixin was born! SmartMixin integrates with Tempest seamlessly to produce another app experience when using your data. 

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Four screenshots of the SmartMixin app screens displaying features of the app.


Wordpress: Display our Tempest data on a personal Wordpress site by using the Weather Station plugin. This user friendly and free integration can display your data through a wide variety of beautiful and versatile layouts. Just to sure to review the Data and Software License to make sure you are not violating terms of use when republishing data from your Tempest.

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Screenshot of Weather Station plugin displaying weather information for Mouvaux, France.


Tesla: We love finding creative new uses for Tempest data, and for Tesla owners, this handy automation was too good not to share. One user leveraged IFTTT and Tessie webhooks to stop charging his Tesla when his Tempest Weather System detects lightning nearby. 

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Tesla plugged into a charging station.

Phillips Hue Smart Lighting: Here's what you get when you combine Phillips Hue Smart Lighting, a simple IFTTT applet, and a Tempest in the backyard! When temperatures outside drop below 20 degrees, the lights turn purple. When they dip below freezing, the lights change to blue. Rain? The lights turn green!

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Television mounted on wall backlit by blue, green, and purple lighting.


 Roku: This one technically counts as a display, but we thought it was too cool not to include in the cool integrations category. Display your Tempest data on your Roku device by adding the WeatherFlow Data Viewer V2 channel to your list of channels and following the startup directions. 

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Logo for Weather Station Data v2 featuring sun and clouds on blue background.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home: Link your Tempest account to your favorite smart speaker and then you can ask for the current conditions and forecast for your station. 

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Gray Alexa unit on desk.


These integrations may be some of our favorites, but they just scratch the surface of what's possible with a Tempest. Find more ways that you can use your Tempest data by checking out our Integrations Page, IFTTT, and staying up to date with our Tempest Community Forum.


tempest weather station and app screen displayed outside with text promoting ordering a Tempest weather station

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