Posted by Riley Fenoglio ● December, 2020

10 STEM Activities to do at Home With Your Kids

STEM activities for kids

Keep your kids learning and entertained this winter season with our list of STEM activities for kids.  Problem-solving, creativity, experimentation, and knowledge application are just a few of the many skills children foster while participating in STEM activities.  Plus, many of the activities can be done using materials already found around the house!


  • Make your own barometer.  A coffee can, some plastic wrap, a straw, and an index card come together to teach kids about atmospheric pressure and its effects.  Plus other weather-related “make-your-own” activities.
  • Create a cloud in a jar.  Capture a cloud right in a jar!  Choose from two different methods to create a cloud inside of a jar to learn more about water vapor, condensation, and pressure change! 
  • Weather prediction experiment.  Test the accuracy of the forecast on the news to the actual weather conditions where you live!  Use this week-long experiment comparing your Tempest weather forecast to your local forecast to test accuracy! 



  • Building with straws at tape.  This simple engineering challenge can be great for kids of all ages.  Using just straws and tape, challenge kids to build the tallest tower they can! 
  • Build stackable paper blocks.  First, build your blocks, then get building endless possibilities with them!  Make paper blocks that stack in just seven simple steps and then get to building towers, castles, or anything else you can imagine!  Use colored paper to make building even more fun!  
  • Egg drop challenge.  Indulge in a classic with a good old-fashioned egg drop challenge!  See who can build the best structure to keep their egg from breaking!


Staying inside more often during the colder months is already hard enough, let alone considering the changes we've all experienced this year!  You can make sure your kids stay on the right track while still having fun by using the activities above.  Happy learning! 

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